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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Band Theme Short Story Project Part 2

I started on the Bon Jovi story nominated by my husband's ex work colleague on Thursday. I didn't manage to complete until today (Sunday). It's a longer story of 2,450 words and for some reason it didn't speak to me enough to get it written in one go. One more read-through and then it's going off to Dawn. I hope she likes it. It really was a struggle, that one, but I feel it might appeal to one of the womags.

Tid, who nominated the Cream story, got back to me and said it made her giggle. That made my day!

For most of the day on Friday I was glued to BBC News Live to see what the outcome of the two sieges in France would be. What an extraordinary week it was for news and freedom of speech. I did manage to add to the Bon Jovi story and my writing buddy commented how sad it was. Oh dear! Maybe my choice of viewing on Friday rubbed off on me.

 Yesterday was a most productive day! During the half hour writing session with my writing buddy, I managed to write a complete story based on Elbow. The story didn't have much at all to do with the band, but I did manage to squeeze in the Philip Marlow quote from The Singing Detective, apparently where the band got their name from: 'Elbow. The loveliest word in the English language.'

It was also Write Invite Competition day yesterday, so I decided to enter and try to fit a story about The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band around one of the prompts. I was lucky. One of the prompts was: Control Room. Where better to set the story than in a recording studio? I had a lot of fun with this story and managed to write 996 words in just less than half an hour, which must be a record for me. Exercising my writing muscle every day has certainly made me write faster! I was so thrilled I managed to get two of my band themed stories written in one day. That definitely put me back on track.

Tracy, who nominated Elbow, loved the story and wanted to know how I went about writing it. I tend to google the band, look at a few images, read a bit about them and look at some lyrics. Something usually jumps out at me and triggers an idea. I sent Bee Rawlinson the Bonzo Dog story today and her comment was 'brilliant!'. It's so nice to have satisfied customers!

Today I wrote the Prefab Sprout story - again in half an hour. It didn't take much editing so I was able to fire it off to Jackie Sayle within an hour of writing it. She enjoyed it. I've had quite a lot of Facebook friends getting in touch to ask where they can read all of the stories, so I've emailed them to people individually. I'd love to be able to publish them all in a collection, but I'm not sure that would be viable. So far, I've had fifty-eight nominations. That's a lot of stories.

So, it's the end of the first week of this band themed writeathon, and I'm pleased I've managed to write seven new stories. In total I've written 10, 636 words. Tomorrow kicks off with The Beatles.

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