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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Band Themed Short Story Project Week 7

I admit that I haven't done very well writing-wise this week. I started a potentially good story around The Smiths on Monday, set in a Manchester school. However, it's one of those longer stories that I need to go back to. This was for Keith Boothroyd of Kishboo E-Magazine. A university friend got me into The Smiths in the early 80s. I used to drive my parents mad when back at home in the holidays I blasted out the Meat Is Murder album. My husband hates The Smiths, so I don't play their music much these days. I recently read Morrissey's autobiography and once I'd adjusted to his ponderous writing style, I did enjoy it.

The Smiths
Tuesday's band was Harsh Reality nominated by local writer and former actress, Madalyn  Morgan. Madalyn has written two wonderful books set in World War Two. I've read the first, Foxden Acres and I whole-heartedly recommend it. Harsh Reality is a great starting point for a story and I raced off the starting blocks with this one. I wrote 878 words, but sadly, didn't finish it. I will. It's partly autobiographical, too.

Harsh Reality
It's been half-term week this week, so I've been out and about with Megan. I took her for a photo shoot/make-over on Wednesday. She won this prize on a scratch card from New Look. I won't go into details here, but it was an interesting experience, but sadly, not one she enjoyed. It was way out of her comfort zone. However, from a writer's point of view, it was gold dust. Particularly as the main character of my novel is a photographer. Anyway, back to the band stories.... Wednesday's band was Within Temptation nominated by my online friend, Amy Rowan-Buckley, who recently appeared on national television in a programme about age-gap relationships. Amy and her husband, Lee, also appeared on Lorraine. I'm sure Amy won't mind me saying that she's a bit of a Goth and she became the inspiration behind the story. I managed to complete this one, although it was only a Flash piece. Amy was kind enough to give me feedback and said it was 'a lovely, lush piece of writing and very dark at the end'.

Within Temptation

A guy I met at a friend's party in Glastonbury, Ben D'Busse, nominated The Dead Kennedys. Not an easy subject for a story! I can't stand writing about politics etc, so I had to work around it. I gave the story a punk feel and it's so far at 634 words and unfinished. 

I didn't write at all on Friday and, to be honest, it was great to have a break! I did a bit of work on my Status Quo story this week. It currently stands at 2,076 words and is one of my favourite band stories. Quo have so many songs to choose from and I incorporated a lot of their song titles for this story set in South Wales in the 1960s.

Sisters Of Mercy

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in the company of a lovely Hungarian family who fed me and my daughter and told us wonderful stories about Hungary and their view of Britain! We talked non-stop for three hours, so I was late home and just about made Write Invite. I wasn't prepared, but dashed off a story on the theme of 'Exile', shoe-horning in Sisters of Mercy. A complete story, but I'm not sure Aneilka Briggs will be too impressed! Then it was another mad dash to get ready for my husband's band, Visitation's gig at The Seven Stars in Redditch. Lots more fodder for band stories and great fun with dancing, nice people and plenty of wine!

Anything But The Girl

Today's band, Anything But The Girl was nominated by my writing buddy, Alison. Extra pressure! I didn't tell her that this was the band I was going to write about in our writing session today. I was most inspired by how the band got their name and the story began writing itself. This story has a bit of a psychopath/stalker theme... one of my specialities! Alison said she loved it, even though it wasn't finished. I managed 715 words.

You'll notice that I'm a band behind. My son, Matt Good, nominated NWA. I must try and write two band stories tomorrow to catch up. 

Only 4, 697 words written this week, which includes another 620 words on the Quo story. I'm sure I must have written more.. somewhere. 

Last week's band story I wrote for Write Invite came in the Top Ten, so that's a total of five band stories, which have been in the Top Ten for that particular competition. Not bad.

I'm looking forward to having more writing time this week and attending Lutterworth Writers' on Tuesday when I have to write a poem by candlelight! That should be interesting...

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